What Personal Vocabularies are

A "Personal Vocabulary" is a list of (mostly non-dictionary) terms who's meanings are known to one or more people. Personal Vocabularies can be shared so that everyone within a group can know that "Bob" is "The New Guy" and "The guy with a mustache" and "The guy who rides motorcycles". Once a thing is known to a group, a common term can be applied to shorten conversations. The term definition would (hopefully) contain any needed details on mustaches or motorcycles. 

Any word or group of words can be part of a Personal Vocabulary. Examples would be "Go (local sports team)!", "Let's get together so that you can do that thing you do." or "that bar where we hang out every Thursday from 5:30 to around 7:15 (for happy ladies hour)" or "The new (!secret!) business incentive".

Within Instrumentation, Personal Vocabularies can be accessed from the Description Level (near the "Dog Verbs"). This means that they can be accessed with a single chord (assuming chorded keyboards). This makes it easier to use oft used terms.

The terms are arranged as two banks of fifteen terms each. The two additional terms are actually pointers to the area of the Specialization layer where these terms are normally stored. They are used to setup the diversion to this area for mechanical cross-references.

The Specialization layer will contain sixteen banks of fifteen terms.

The average user would have multiple saved vocabularies for friends, work, personal interests, special locations or occasions, etc. Two of these vocabularies would be 'copied' to the Description Level for immediate usage. The user could use both Described and Specialized Personal terms at any time, but using the Description Level terms would be easier because the addresses are shorter (since one chord is less than four chords).

Personal terms would actually be stored locally on the user's device or in a shared location (i.e. on the internet, assuming connectivity exists), but they would be accessed as though they were in an 'active' area of the Specialization layer. An active area is a set of locations where terms can be stored and recalled. Active areas are used for things like local maps and schedules which can be changed as circumstances require.

Disclaimer: Personal Vocabularies do not exist yet.

I haven't ironed out all the details on creating, maintaining and sharing Personal Vocabularies, but my intent is that they will work mostly as you would expect them to.

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