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This site is dedicated to the support and growth of the instrumentation language. (en Español)

Instrumentation is a human language, a universal remote and (potentially) a universal translator. Instrumentation is designed to (ultimately) be used with chorded keyboards.

The theory behind the universal translator is that people who speak different languages should be able to communicate without learning a new vocabulary, as long as they all use the same (simplified) syntax.

Instrumentation is still in its infancy, so the vocabulary is minimal (about six million translated English terms out of four billion potential positive terms) and the correspondence between that vocabulary and the philosophical goals of the language is rather weak. My hope is that Instrumentation can evolve to fulfill its potential with the help of language lovers like yourself.

My other premise is that anyone who can learn Chinese can eventually learn to read and enter Instrumentation glyphs directly. Fortunately, as an automated language, Instrumentation can be used immediately by anyone regardless of their fluency.

Learning about Instrumentation

These tutorials cover the basics of using the language in its current form.

How does Instrumentation actually work?

How does the 'Description' layer work?

How do verbs work?

How does the 'Articulation' layer work?

How do I speak Instrumentation?

How does the Android phone app work?

How does the Nokia phone app work?

Where are examples of Instrumentation in action?

Contact Ralph with your questions and suggestions

The Evolution of Instrumentation

This section covers esoteric contingencies and proposed developments that are not related to current usage or to the current vocabulary.

What are the major postulates of Instrumentation?

So, what the heck is Instrumentation?

Why are you doing this?

What are the goals of Instrumentation?

How will Instrumentation grow?

What is a "Personal Vocabulary"?

Whither the Instrumentation keyboard?

How do I use the Keyboards?

How does the Instrumentation innate index work?

What is the native Instrumentation User Interface?

What is the format of the Instrumentation data store?

What is The Instrumentation Hyper-language?

How can the vocabulary be created programmatically?

Working and Playing with Instrumentation

This section is dedicated to the exploration and growth of the vocabulary.


What are the current terms on the Creation level?

What is the proposed arrangement of the Creation level?

How should I pick new terms for the vocabulary?


What are the current singular nouns on the Description level?

What are the proposed test nouns for the Description level?

How does Instrumentation Describe basic 'truth'?


What is the strategy of the Articulation layer?

How does Instrumentation fulfill the needs of a 'language'


What is so 'special' about Specialization?

How will Instrumentation organize the Specialization layer?

What is the format of a Specialized Block of terms?


Help fix the Instrumentation vocabulary. (broken)
(Add or change terms, and vote on proposed changes)

The Instrumentation games.
(The basic rules are provided below the game)

The original Instrumentation design document.
(Warning: Complicated ... Not a good place to start)

What is the difference between Meaning and Thought?
(Warning: Even more Complicated)

How will Instrumentation achieve the goals of Gottfried Leibniz?

  Latest substantive changes:

A note from the trenches

I've added a note about the current hiatus

I'm working on the vocabulary, so website updates will slow down

Added the Instrumentation Command Code Block.

Added a description of the Instrumentation Fingering Strategy.

GlyphOK is currently at Mark-18.   Last change is Find Exact

Vocabulary is at Version GVRM000300.   Beta test vocabulary is at GVRM000304.

Previous update:

Moved the new index analysis to the index design.

Added a description of the new drill-down functionality

Made an "experimental change" to the laths of the Instrumentation game
("experimental" because I'm not sure if the change is an improvement)

The Instrumentation smart phone applications are:

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The Instrumentation design document is:

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The Instrumentation language and all permutations of the Instrumentation glyph are in the public domain.

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