Using Instrumentation

This is an example of a conversation that uses Instrumentation's syntax and vocabulary. I have also created some demonstration conversations for the game application and this script was the first step in that process. I'm still adjusting the phrases below (my fluency is mostly theoretical), so this may not be the final form of this conversation.

I don't plan on creating separate scripts for all of the 'demo' conversations, but this one is complicated and I'm hoping this script will help to make it clearer.

What lies below

The following is a conversation between Bob, who has just been hired for a new job, and Carol, his new manager. Since Instrumentation is intended to be an electronic language, Bob is working from home and communicating with Carol using his phone (I'm assuming that Bob and Carol don't speak the same language, but you never know).

For clarity, each statement below starts with the name in parenthesis of the person who is transmitting the glyphs. These names would not exist in a real conversation between two people (the incoming 'notification' message contains the name or phone number of the sender, and I assume that you already know who you are). I have also separated individual messages with horizontal lines to improve readability. 

I am using "end sentence" when the current speaker has completed one sentence and is planning on adding another before ending his or her 'turn'. This helps the receiver to separate multiple sentences within a single message. It is also more efficient than ending every single sentence with "end sentence". Since multiple sentences can easily be included in a single sixteen glyph message, this seems like the best use of "end sentence".

I have added the "#7300 - message continues" term to the "Handy stuff" in the Hypodescriptive terms for communication that exceeds a single sixteen glyph message, but I don't think that it will be needed anytime soon.

The first sentence is also broken into "Subject .| Verb (or relationship) .| Object" lines for clarity sake.

Office located at - 21066E

(Carol) employee .| hired now .| connected here

84EF | 20FF1 | 200343 |

greeter I am about to (once)

8486AF |

office my .| today

C506EE | 261B

(Bob) most happy mode is .| effort I will (many) .| business associated with

F76DD9 | 8200D0 | 1A00DC

(Carol) employee quote start .| hello quote end .| end sentence

3984EF | 352081 | E40000

(Carol) manager I am still (many) .| team your .| end sentence

8780BF | C900E6 | E40000

(Carol) questioningly you are about to (many)


(Bob) thanker I am about to (once) .| end sentence

848881 | E40000

(Bob) home craft ?? .| work I will (many)

1004B1 | 8202EF

(Carol) true end sentence


(Carol) meetings the occasional .| teleconferencing we will (many) .| job in role of

64096 | 8AAAAE | 1202F1

(Bob) video ?? .| view one will (once) .| computer my

10AA92 | 9002CD | C58225

(Carol) equipment associated with .| give we are about to (once) .| you satisfies

1A0424 | 8C8600 | EF0081

(Bob) good it will (once) .| end sentence

B01E19 | E40000

(Bob) account enabling .| work I will (many) .| use ??

5304DC | 8202EF | 100622

(Carol) inventory is within range (inclusive) of .| surplussing you are about to (many)

65B263 | A69009

(Bob) software requires .| learning I will (once) .| you ??

CC2644 | 800648 | 100081

(Carol) more teamworkingly learning from .| lore many will (many) .| you training

57C1C1 | 9A409E | 5B0081

(Bob) work starting at .| ready I will (once) .| day ??

4602EF | 800B3F | 100830

(Carol) Monday next .| ready is dependent on .| tasked you are about to (many) .| most professional your

4A2010 | D50B3F | A601D3 | C963F0

(Bob) thanks for all .| leaver I am about to (once)

DF4881 | 849652

(Carol) pleasant determinant is .| worker we will (many) .| Monday synchronous with

FC03B8 | 8A82EF | 472010


That's not so hard now, is it?

Just look for the "Subject .| Verb (or relationship) .| Object" format and the meaning of each group of glyphs will eventually emerge. The first sentence is split among three lines to help emphasize this form.

Working on this made me realize the need for implementing Personal Vocabularies as soon as possible. This conversation would sound more natural if 'Bob', 'Carol', 'Widgets Inc.' and 'PartTrax (R)' could be used by the speakers.

Actually, creating the code needed for a single individual to create a Personal Vocabulary wouldn't be difficult, but determining the best way to share those vocabularies (without creating a sharing website) is still puzzling me. I may create a pseudo 'Personal Vocabulary' for the demos that contains the terms above. Personal Vocabularies may never be part of the free version of the smart phone application in any case.

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