More "All the Words"


This list contains the Beta test vocabulary. If this was a real vocabulary you would be instructed as to where it should be spoken, and to whom; but it is just a test vocabulary (so far). It is usually best not to worry overmuch.

Except for the test part, I haven't changed the text below from the previous "All the Words" document. OK, I fixed one grammatical error, but that was it.

This list will update automatically whenever I generate a new test vocabulary for the application. I'm not sure if this guarantees that the two lists will remain synchronized, but we can always hope.


This is a computer generated list of all the singular nouns from the Creation and Description layers of the Instrumentation test vocabulary. These tables do not contain any of the adjective, adverb or plural terms.

The first term in each table (the #00[01-FF] term) can also be found in the Creation Vocabulary table.

These tables are very plain and undocumented because they are really just a reference resource. I have split them into four tables because they are still rather large. There should be a total of 16128 cells in all four tables.

The first table starts with #0001 instead of #0000 because the lowest level of the Description layer contains special terms instead of the nouns found in the rest of the Description layer.

In the sub-table headings, 'ND' stands for 'Non-Descriptive'.

This list uses the following four tables:

The 'to' column contains the last valid term in the table, not the last possible index.

Table     from     to # terms
Table 1 #0001 - number #BE3F - I have a plan 2131
Table 2 #0040 - state #B07F - cardinal 2481
Table 3 #0080 - self #B8BF - coach 2701
Table 4 #00C0 - posture #B2FF - transcendence 2943

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